Private Freelance Commission Information

Commissions CLOSED! I'm currently doing contract work so I won't be opening anytime soon πŸ™

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You can find my prices, example works, and additional information on the types of works that I offer for custom commissions.

I can also do works and styles outside of the ones featured here but, hopefully, this is a good starting place and may help to narrow down what you're looking for.

You can contact me using my form found here.

My current queue and work schedule can be found on my Trello.

*All prices are in USD.


πŸ‘‡ Visit the sections below for more info on each type πŸ‘‡


Small Sketches

These are sketchy drawings with some basic colouring and simple shading. They can be very expressive and are great for quick character designs and small illustrations.

Pricing & Info
β€’ $25 per character in Flat Colours
β€’ $35 per character With Shading
β€’ No backgrounds
β€’ Typically 1200 px at its longest side (about 4" in 300 dpi) making them ill-suited for prints.



These are line-art illustrations of characters without any colour or shading.

Pricing & Info
β€’ $50 for half-body, $40 per additional character
β€’ $70 for full-body, $56 per additional character
β€’ No backgrounds
β€’ 3000 px (10" in 300 dpi)


Speed Paint or Cell Shade

These are full character illustrations with a fair amount of detail and in-depth colouring style. Great for action shots, character references, and character moments.
Please check out the examples for both colouring styles below.

Pricing & Info
β€’ $85 for half-body, $68 per additional character
β€’ $120 for full-body, $96 per additional character
β€’ No backgrounds
β€’ 3000 px (10" in 300 dpi)

Speed Paint Examples

Cell Shade Examples


Speed Portrait

These portraits are great for avatars, character roleplay pages, and for all those times you want to show off how great your character's face looks. I primarily focus on expressions in these pieces to portray the characters' personalities.

Pricing & Info
β€’ $60 per character
β€’ Busts only (roughly from the shoulders up)
β€’ No backgrounds
β€’ 3000 px (10" in 300 dpi)



Character reference sheets are a new thing I'm offering. I've only been properly doing for a little over a year, which will explain why my current examples are a little all over the place. They're catered to what the client is looking for but I have written down what they typically include below.

Pricing & Info
β€’ $200 for a front and back of a character in small clothes and one outfit, one prop, and one small portrait.
β€’ $60 per additional outfit.
β€’ These have simple shading.
β€’ No backgrounds
β€’ No smaller than 3000 px (10" in 300 dpi)



These are fully painted portraits typically from the chest or waist up.

Pricing & Info
β€’ $240 for the first character, $192 per additional character.
β€’ None or simple background
β€’ 11 x 14in 300 dpi



These are full illustrations with characters and backgrounds. I offer two styles with two base prices: speed paint & cell shade, and fully painted works.

Pricing & Info
β€’ $360 starting price for speed paint & cell shade styles.
β€’ $600 starting price for fully painted works (lineless).
β€’ Background included.
β€’ Complexity and additional characters may impact the price.
β€’ 11 x 14in 300 dpi



If you're interested in a commission or have questions you can use the short form below or e-mail me directly at

*Please note that the prices on this page are for private commissions only as per my TOS. Let me know if you are looking for artwork for a company or business, for merch/printing.

E-mail form for questions.



For Personal Use Only
You are allowed to make prints and other merchandise for personal use only. If you require specific dimensions or file types, please let me know beforehand.

My work is not for resale, and I do not create works for NFT sales.

If you would like to commission me for commercial work, please let me know as this will affect the pricing.

You’ll receive the full resolution of the digital work at 300dpi in PNG format; if you prefer another format please let me know ahead of time.

I share all of my artwork on my site as a portfolio – I can hold off on sharing artwork immediately with no problem, you just have to let me know. However, if you want a completely private commission, this will cost extra.

I do keep all my work saved, so if you lose the file I have no problem sending it again!

I take full payment upfront and I send you an invoice, for which you don’t need a PayPal account but you need a credit card at the least.

You will receive a link in your e-mail that will direct you to PayPal where you will proceed to the payment.

I can do partial payments if you so require but please let me know about this ahead of time.

Refunds & Changes
All pricing includes minor changes until the current step has been approved.

Additional charges of 30% of the total for larger changes, such as poses and outfits, after the approved preliminary sketch.

If you request a refund and the work has not yet begun, I will refund in full. Once work has begun I can only refund half if I am still at the sketch stage. There is no refund after the sketch or once the sketch has been approved.

I never share personal information (e-mails, addresses, etc) with anyone. They are used solely for invoices through PayPal and nothing else.